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Current Issue: Volume 30, Issue 1, May 2024, Pages 1-99 

Seedling Evaluation of Native Perennials for Implementing Large-scale Revegetation Projects in Arid Lands

Pages 21-29

Mansour T Abdullah; Meshal M Abdullah; Zahraa M Al-Ali; Mohammad A Almousa; Midhun Mohan; Nouf Al-Hashash

Habitat preference, phytochemical constituents and biological potency of four Egyptian Mediterranean halophytes

Pages 79-91

Mohamed Abdelaal; Eman A. Moustafa; Abeer Y. Alattar; Ghada A. El-Sherbeny; Ibrahim A. Mashaly; Aya A. Yahia

Assessment of Hexaconazole Fungicide's Impact on Root Growth and Stomatal Characteristics of Allium cepa L.

Pages 93-99

Aveen khorsheed khalid; Nizek S. Khalid; Shilan H. Ibrahim; Fareed Y. Yaseen; Sozan H. Abdullah; Shaker M. Hussein